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                                    GLASS CASTING WORKSHOP

Date and time: August 15 & 16 and August 23, 2020. Start 9.30 finish at 5.00pm.

Venue: Kavvas Sculpture Studio,2/10 Ashfield Road, Wairau Valley Auckland. The studio has 130 square metres floor space and equipped with the state of the art equipment.

Group size:  Minimum 2, maximum 6.

Level: Introduction and intermediate course.

Materials: 1kg of casting glass, kiln usage and all other materials, morning and afternoon teas

are all included.

Price: Adults: $490.00 incl. GST. Students $430.00 incl.GST

First Saturday & Sunday (August 15 & 16) : We will be learning how to make 2 piece mold, and how to cast wax positives. Refining cast wax sculptures, spruing and preparation for refractory mold making. Classic refractory and space age technology R&R 910 mold making options will be employed. Removing the wax from the refractory mold by steaming (lost wax method). We will learn different methods of working out how much glass is needed for casting. Placing the refractory mold into the kiln. Learning different ways of calculating and applying kiln casting schedules.

Second Sunday (August, 23):

Removing your masterpiece from the kiln. Cold working and finishing the cast sculpture. Refining it by several methods.

For further information please call Nejat Kavvas on 021 661244 or

write to info@nejatkavvas.com  instructors artworks can be seen at www.nejatkavvas.com